Case Study (Corporate Headquarters)

Call Center Solution


Cisco’s IP Call Center solution will address the following groups of agents that currently exist within Headquarters (HQ). These (3) groups of 22 agents will all be relocated to HQ.

All agents will continue to use the Call Management System (CMS) located in National Office.  The peripheral gateway will be local at HQ.

There are 3  route points associated with these agents. 

A) Receptionists

  • Answer calls to main E&Y phone number and “0”
  • 3 skill groups currently defined by building (6th Ave, 7th Ave, 8th Ave)
  • 9 agents total to be relocated to HQ

B) Facilities Support Services (FSS)

  • Answer calls regarding facility, administration, security, mail, hoteling etc.
  • 3 skills based on expertise/responsibility
  • All agents are located in the same building
  • Calls go to voicemail after hours
  • 7 agents total

C) Tech Support – Help Desk

  • 1 skill
  • 6 agents
  • Calls revert to National Support Center at night over the PSTN – requires time of day routing


The 22 agents listed above will be served off the existing Call Manager cluster in HQ. However, the ICM “Rogger” (Call Router Logger), and ICM Admin Workstation will reside in National. The intent is for National to be the central administrative site as additional remote call centers are added throughout the enterprise. 

In addition to the 22 agents residing in HQ, the following IPCC components will be deployed:

-        24 port IP IVR

-        CallManager PG

-        IP/IVR PG w CTI Server

  A test environment will be deployed in NationalHub that will simulate a remote call center. This test environment will consist of the following:

-        3-5 Agents

-        24 Port IP IVR

-        CallManager

-        CallManager PG

-        IP/IVR PG w/CTI Server

-        3640 Gateway with single PRI and 4 FXS ports

-        4 Lyrix VoiceMail ports