Case Study (Corporate Headquarters)


HQ Hoteling Phone Standard


Hoteling is the concept of providing telephony & space management for either a segment, or the entire population in any, or multiple locations.  This process can be managed dynamically by each individual via a Kiosk on every floor, or by a hot-line reservationists.   For example, if a customer is moving from location A to location B, this can be handled by a reservation made by the individual or by a reservationists.  Your extension and exact phone profile (speed/fast dial, bridges, etc.) will appear at location B.  This can occur virtually instantaneously or scheduled.  Space can be leased based on Allocation (available seat, and level space). The greatest ROI realized from this product is the non-involvement of the Telecom team in area moves.  Individuals permanently seated at a location will have Long Term Leases (LTL).  XYZ  has standardized on the Aqilquest hoteling application, which is customized for VOIP extension mobility (Agilquest calls API written by Cisco).  There is a set of 200 Guest extensions available in CallManager for customers without NY DIDs.  These extensions are managed by the Hoteling coordinator (a function of Facilities). 


The HQ hoteling standards will allow for most work space to leased for either short or long term leases.  With the exception of convenience stations such as CABs, tempworkarea, & service (copy room, wall, etc.) & Admin Assistant stations, all other phones will be hoteling.  Administrative Assistants will not hotel at this time because 7914 side-cars does not seamlessly support this function.  


The HQ system consists of a standard XYZ reservations computer and a scheduling laptop.  There is a SQL database which has the firm's PeopleSoft information which is referenced by the scheduling laptop.  Changes can be made on the fly or scheduled.  Additionally, there is one laptop in each North IDF closet to support a Kiosk at the entrance/pantry on all floors.  A transmitter/receiver device was deployed to allow the extension of touch screen monitor & keyboard to the IDF closet via standard CAT 5E cabling.  


The Facilities Call Center Agent Group handles all reservation requests.  This request is relayed to a scheduling laptop located in VOIP cabinet #2.  While reservations can be made from the Kiosk based on Allocation, it will not be permitted at this time.



Features and Configuration Details of 7960 Hoteling phone

behavior when no profile is logged in



Call Manager has a field called Description.  The data in this field is informational only and resides only within the Call Manager record for this phone.  For HQ this field will be set as Hotel + Location Number (the location number as described from the Aperture download).


Directory Number (DN or Line Appearance)

Each phone will have a single non-DID, 6-digit line appearance in the following format: 8FFYYY (where FF = the two digit floor number [84 will be used for C1-C3] and YYY = a sequential number starting with 000).  No other lines or speed dials will be programmed on these phones.  The DN will ring when calls are presented to it.


Calling Permissions:

Each phone will be able to dial any 5 or 6 digit extension that is part of the new HQ dial plan (all new HQ, original HQ, Melville, Stamford, Iselin, NJ Hub extensions).  If the tie lines to these extensions are out of service these calls will route over the outbound PSTN facilities.


Each phone will also be able to dial 911.  Local, Long Distance and International outbound dialing will not be permitted.


These phones can be called from any other phone at HQ.  These phones will not be reachable from outside the building.


Call Forward Busy or No Answer:

The Call Forwarding feature for these phones will be set in such a manner as to prevent any forwarded calls from reaching the intended forwarded destination.


Calling Name Display:

When calling another IP phone from a hoteling phone, the display will read Hotel + the DN for that phone (8FFYYY see above).


Voice Mail Retrieval:

Customers who hit the messages key will need to enter their XYZ Comm ID and Password to gain access to the HQ voicemail system.


PC Port Connection

The PC port on the 7960 phones will not be disabled.


User Directory

There will be no User entry for the Hotel Phone and therefore, these phones will not appear in the Corporate Directory available through the Directories button.