Case Study (Corporate Headquarters)

Point of Entry (POE) & riser Facility

Verizon will carry the last mile for all local & long distance carrier service into the building.  This includes Sprint, AT&T, Focal, Other.  Verizon will install a OC12 Sonet Ring (see Carrier Services).  There are six 4-inch POE sleeves on the 41st Side of the building and six on the 7th Ave side.  These sleeves are contained in two rooms (vaults) and will be referred to as the 41st & 7th Ave vaults. 


Verizon requires 3 POE sleeves on the 41st Street side of the building: 

  • *One Sleeve for primary Sonet Ring Fiber
  • One sleeve for Copper facilities, i.e., CO trunks, POTS, DSL, ISDN, etc. 
  • One sleeve for maintenance (backup)


 Verizon requires 2 POE sleeves on the 7th avenue street side:

  • *One Sleeve for secondary Sonet Ring fiber
  • One sleeve for maintenance


CI Level conduit routing from POE to building west riser closet

  • Six 4" conduits from the 7th Avenue (east) POE  vault to west riser sleeves

  • Four 4" conduits from the 7th Avenue POE vault to east risr sleeves

*Note: This service enters the building as a multi-strand ribbon cable that Verizon may elect to terminate other tenant's strands (Company Sonet only need one pair) on a 19" rack-mounted FOP in the POE vaults on the C1 level (see picture below).  This MUX will be used to supply service to other tenants.  Separate conduits would be needed from the POE vault to the west C1 riser closet to support closet MUX.


Note: C2 level supported from C1 IDF closet


Riser Facilities

The building has two cable riser shafts/closets, one along the east core & the other along west of the building's C1 level.  Referred to as the east and west riser shafts.  There is a total of 14 riser sleeves in the east and 14 in the west riser closets. The west closet also serves as a large building telephone room.  Primary Company has rights to 12 of the 14 sleeves in each closet. 

The riser sleeve distribution is as follows:

  • Three West riser for Verizon

  • Two east for riser Verizon

  • Two west riser for Affiliate (Affiliate will run conduit from POE vault to riser closet)

  • One east riser for Affiliate (Affiliate will run conduit from POE vault to riser closet)

  • Seven west-riser sleeves and 9 east riser sleeves will be spares