Case Study (Corporate Headquarters)

Disaster Avoidance/Recovery


Large Fortune 500 firm seeking to consolidate seven NYC offices into  three offices.  These three new facilities will be new construction.   The new Corporate Headquarters  & two satellite offices requires a state of the art dynamic disaster recovery system.  This system must be cost effective to implement, manage and provide the appropriate fault tolerance to ensure business continuity in the event of system failure.  


The Management of Triax Computer Services successfully recommended, designed, and managed the implementation of a Disaster Avoidance/Recovery System that is cost effective, dynamic, and protect the company information technology.  This system will address voice, data, video and building security in the Metro Area Network (MAN).  

Converge design ensures that company XYZ will be able to continue business in a dynamic and expeditious manner.  The design addresses the potential of fire, flood, sabotage, terrorists, human error, and natural disaster,  In considering the overall design, the following technology were taking into consideration, documented and tested:

Server Farm

Server Hardware

  • Data Center Physical Security (access control)
  • Data Center Surveillance
  • Hard Drive fault tolerance (i.e., Raid 5)
  • Backup hot swappable power supply
  • Dual attached Network Interface Card (NIC)
  • Dual CPU
  • Server Clustering
  • Hot/Cold Site

Server Software

  • Intruder Detection System (IDS)
  • Document Management
  • Logical Security (access control)
  • Data Replication off site
  • Daily File backup stored offsite
  • Tape Rotation
  • Documentation of applications per group/user
  • Documentation of mission critical application

Cabling Infrastructure

  • Multiple Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDFs) per floor 
  • Diverse riser routing
  • Diverse IDF closet routing
  • Carrier Point of Entry (POE)

Routing & Switching Hardware and IOS

  • Core switch/router redundancy
  • IOS & configuration stored in offsite TFTP Server
  • Dual supervisor modules in core switches
  • Routers running Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP)
  • Access Control (physical & logical)
  • Network Management (monitoring, notification & maintenance)

Telephone System

Telephone Company (Carrier) Outside Service

  • Carrier Diversity (multiple carriers)
  • Central Office Diversity
  • Cable Routing Diversity (manhole, POE, Central Office)

Power & environmental (HVAC)

  • IDF Closet UPS
  • Technology Center UPS System
  • Building Backup Generator
  • Redundant Power Distribution Units (PDU )
  • Fire/smoke/water detection & notification system
  • Temperature Control System