Case Study (Corporate Headquarters)


Technology (Data) Center Systems


Large Fortune 500 firm seeking to consolidate seven NYC offices into  three offices.  These three new facilities will be new construction.  The six satellite offices are currently connected to the firm's corporate headquarters, which is connect to the firm's WAN (Wide Area Network).  The new Corporate Headquarters  & two satellite offices requires a state of the art technology center that is cost effective to implement and  & manage and provide the appropriate fault tolerance .  This Technology Center will contain equipment to support HQ 6000 employees & other affiliate organizations.  This Center must be designed for a 20% growth over the next 3 years.



The Management of Triax Technology Services, LLC successfully recommended, designed, and managed the implementation of a fully converged LAN (Local Area Network) Technology Center that is cost effective, redundant, diverse, and manageable.  A single IP infrastructure will support voice, data, video conferencing & CATV, and building security.


Server Farm

The HQ Server Farm consists of twenty two (22) 9142 Compaq cabinets with servers running Microsoft NT, 2000, Netware and Unix servers.  There are twenty four (24) CAT5E cables to the Core LAN racks, both ends terminated on Panduit patch panels.

The 2,864 Sq. ft. Technology Center will house the following systems:




Technology Center Server Cabinet Elevations




















          Three Verizon 19" cabinets to house Sonet ring hardware (FLM 150 & 600 & patch panels), & battery backup (UPS) rack.

IP Telephony 
  • 4 Compaq 9142 Cabinets
  • Fiber & Copper ties to Core LAN Racks
  • Copper extension to Verizon Mux
  • Copper extensions to MDF
  • Demux (DS3 to DS1) units


Voicemail System
  • Two cabinets with ties to MDF (cross connected to VG248)
  • 4 VRU's
  • One production Server
  • One Backup Server
  • Monitor & KVM switch
  • One UPS in each cabinet
  • One network switch
  • One modem for remote management


IP Voice, LAN & VTC MDF (Primary, Core, and Secondary Racks)-Patch Schedule
  • 6 Primary LAN (PL) Racks with ties to Core LAN Racks & 2 Core 6509 LAN switches
  • 6 Core LAN (CL) Racks with ties to PL & SL racks, and Server & WAN cabinets 
  • 6 Secondary LAN (SL) Racks with ties to Core LAN Racks & 2 Core 6509 LAN switches


MDF (IDF Cat3 Riser, VM & Analog Gateway ports)- Patch Schedule
  • 300 Pairs from each of the two (2) IDF closets on each floor (600 pairs to each floor)
  • Ties to carrier wall field behind carrier cabinets.
  • Eighteen (18) Lyrix 25 pair cable (16 ports each) 
  • Twelve (12) 25 pair VG248 cables for fax machines, modems, and analog phones
  • One (1) Twenty-five pair cable for 3662 supporting Viking stairwell phones



WAN Infrastructure- Patch Schedule

  • Two Compaq 9142 cabinets with 2 6509 Flex WAN routers

Separate security room within Technology Center with 5 cabinets to house building security system
  • Building Security Surveillance CCTV (Security Camera)
  • Card Key access system
  • Visitors access ID system server (Win 2000)


One 19" cabinet to house Time Warner equipment
  • Cable TV CATV (Audio/Video Video Distribution Hub (VDH))




  • Building Generator supplies 300KVA
  • Two (2) centralized, load balance 100KVA UPS’. 
  • The two 100 KVA UPS feeds two (2) sets PDUs 
  • Two 30 Amps Circuits from different PDUs feed each Compaq rack from separate UPS’
  • All LAN and WAN cabinets are also feed with (2) 20 amps circuits
  • Carrier Wall Field will have one (1) convenience 20 amps wire mold circuit 
  • High voltage circuits will be fed from below the 18” raised floor
  • All low voltage cabling (voice, data, video & security) will be on ladder rack above cabinets
  • Environmental (HVAC, Lighting)

UPS & ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)- switch to building backup generator