Case Study (Corporate Headquarters)

IP Convergence & VOIP


Large Fortune 500 firm seeking to consolidate 6,000 NYC employees from nine NYC offices into  three.  The existing global corporate headquarters will move to a new location.  These three new facilities will be new construction.   The eight branch offices are currently connected to the firm's corporate headquarters, which is connect to the firm's WAN (Wide Area Network).  The new Corporate Headquarters  & two branch offices requires a state of the art technology infrastructure that is cost effective to implement and  & manage and provide the appropriate fault tolerance .

The traditional voice applications and significant features must be duplicated in the new headquarters.  This includes Voicemail, Audio/Video Conferencing, Call Support Centers, Call Accounting, and Overhead Paging.  The new system must also be at least as reliable as the current traditional system (99.999% uptime). A consolidated system is desirable to reduce current footprint and real-estate cost..


The firm's new Global Corporate Headquarters will relocate to a new location and continue to function as the NY Hub site. 

Based on the fact that the firm currently has both Cisco in the LAN & WAN, and after careful financial analysis (TCO, ROI, NPV, etc.) and consideration of required features, reliability, security & scalability, a Cisco AVVID system was chosen.  

The Management of Triax successfully evaluated, recommended, designed, and managed the implementation of a fully converged LAN (Local Area Network)  that is cost effective, redundant, diverse, and manageable.  A single IP cable infrastructure will support voice, data, video conferencing and building security.  The IP infrastructure will run all of the traditional applications such as Voicemail, Call Support Center (ACD), CDR, Overhead Paging, Building Security System (surveillance, card key access, visitor access), Cable TV (CCTV), and AV applications (audio/video conferencing).

IP Infrastructure Design  

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